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Dissection of Change

An uncertain context makes for more stress and anxiety. This is what hinders the ability to maneuver through change effectively without lingering maladaptive behaviors. Having wrote a children’s book (The Ouishy Squishy Brain Shop) about the cycle of change and the barriers we have within our own bodies, I am inquisitive about why adults continue to struggle with the action of change.

I was recently reading an article on social theory and the concept of change. While most of the research speaks of a cycle and process, one went into a concept that is empowering. I wanted to share it with you.

Giddens (1999), social theory, made a statement that may be a key to decreased stress and anxiety. Giddens stated that we need to not let change choose us, but rather be the catalyst that chooses change. This may seem like an impossible task with the world spinning a million miles a minute and demands put on by family and friends, however there is a key.

The key is taking control of our thoughts, feelings and environment. Dissect change and choose the micro moves you need and want. Sometimes this dissection requires a little assistance and is a step we ignore. Just as reading Shakespeare may require context and support in interpretation so may our micro moves require the same clarification. Let’s look at a simple change that most adults have experienced, some have a great experience and others have lasting remorse. The change of a career or job is one that can go on without interruption. However, this process has many micro moves throughout. The first is the identification of a potential career shift. Micro moves during this small phase can include answering questions like level of income, desire, location, impact. Once those levels are determined the person goes down the path of career change. However, if there was stress and anxiety in this change one might benefit from the dissection and empowerment of choice. These dissections can apply to changes like relationship status, family or environment all with the same added goal.

The dissection and micro move analysis should be an on-going event. The conclusion of choice is when the next one presents itself. Keys to success are allow for the process, let go of dead ends and allowing for others to open your expansion of interpretation.

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